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Jack Ryan

Hi! šŸ˜€ Iā€™m interested in AI, psychology, and math.

Academic Work
Multifractal Analysis of Eye Movement When Prevaricating: Poster in Oklahoma Psychological Society Conference, paper in progress.
On the Opportunities and Risks of Foundation Models: Co-author of the AI safety and alignment section.
CLIP Enrichment Circuits: We investigate late circuits on CLIP's vision side to understand how they glue abstract concepts together and build more general multimodal neurons.
Toys and Tools
Multifractal Spectrum of Series: Compute the multifractal spectrum, and spectrum width, of a time series or coordinate series (such as series of eye positions). This is a Shiny app, which allows me to use the MFDFA R package for a webpage, but also means it can only be used for 25 hours/month total (among all users) for free, so please don't leave it open idly.
WebGazer Eye Tracking for Psychology Experiments: Use WebGazer to collect and download statistics about your eye movements!
Newton's Cradle: Physics simulator for as many Newton balls as you want!
Fourier Transform of a Drawn Curve: Draw a curve and see its fourier or inverse fourier transform!
Fractal Generator: Generates pretty variants of Sierpinski's Triangle.
2023 -
[Planned] Stanford University: MS in Computer Science, AI track.
2022 - 2023
University of Central Oklahoma: Visiting Student in Psychology; Research Assistant in Experimental Pscyhology under Dr. Vanhoy, researching deception detection through multifractal analysis of eye movements and multimodal AI training.
2017 - 2023
Stanford University: BS in Mathematics; Student Co-director of Stanford Existential Risks Initiative (2020-2021); President of Stanford Running Club. (Years 2021-2023 were gap years.)
2013 - 2017
Casady School: Catriona Mitchell Mathematics Award, Ian Rennert Memorial Award.