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Jack Ryan

Hello! I'm a recent Stanford graduate, and I'm interested in AI, math, and psychology.

Academic Work

Multifractal Analysis of Eye Movement When Prevaricating.

Can we see cognitive load in the multifractal dimension of eye movements, and does it correlate with deception? Poster in Oklahoma Psychological Society Conference, paper in progress.

On the Opportunities and Risks of Foundation Models.

Co-author of the AI safety and alignment section.

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CLIP Enrichment Circuits.

We investigate late circuits on CLIP's vision side to understand how they glue abstract concepts together and build more general multimodal neurons. Advised by Chelsea Voss from OpenAI.

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AI Lie Detection: Is the Hype Justified?

I investigated the effects of bad methodology in the NLP lie detection setting. I concluded that the most impactful methodological flaw was the small dataset size and low diversity. CS224n Final Project.

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GNN Fraud Detection: From Troubleshooting to Triumph.

We used graph neural network variants to detect fraudulent transactions in financial networks. Our final solution utilized line graphs to fully leverage the node-centric nature of GNNs. CS224W Final Project.

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How Impressive is Google Maps?

We performed a detailed exploratory data analysis of traffic patterns in Chicago. Our goal was to search for extractable features that would help predict trip distance or duration. CS145 Final Project.

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Toys and Tools

Multifractal Spectrum of Series.

Compute and download the multifractal spectrum of a series. This can only be used for 25 hours/month total (among all users) for free, so please don't leave it open idly.

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WebGazer Eye Tracking for Psychology Experiments.

Use WebGazer to collect and download statistics about your eye movements!

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Newton's Cradle Simulator.

Physics simulator for as many Newton balls as you want!

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Fourier Transform of a Drawn Curve.

Draw a curve and see its fourier or inverse fourier transform!

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Fractal Generator

Generates pretty variants of Sierpinski's Triangle.

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My Timeline


2024 - Current

Pursuing entrepreneurship with the goal of promoting beneficial and uplifting uses of AI.

Stanford University

2023 - 2024

M.S. in Computer Science, AI track. Completed in late March 2024.

University of Central Oklahoma

2022 - 2023

Visiting Student in Psychology and Research Assistant in Experimental Pscyhology under Dr. Vanhoy. Also completed last few Stanford B.S. requirements.

Effective Altruism

2021 - 2022

I helped co-found the MATS program, ran educational retreats on AI safety, and interned as a recruiter for Redwood Research. I was also awarded the Century Fellowship, for which I am very grateful.

Stanford University

2017 - 2021

Stanford University: B.S. in Mathematics; Student Co-director and Research Fellow of Stanford Existential Risks Initiative; Research Assistant at Stanford Vision Lab (Trustworthy AI group), under Dr. Fei-Fei Li.

Casady School

2013 - 2017

Oklahoma Magazine Outstanding Senior of 2017. Received the Catriona Mitchell Mathematics Award and Ian Rennert Memorial Award. HCSSiM 2016 alum. I also helped raise a few thousand dollars for OU Children's Hospital by running to exhaustion three times in our annual walk-a-thon.